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OK ok

Visit – We have $10 to $30 an hour jobs with bonuses and commissions built in to give back to those that help us reach our goals.  I can’t handle all of this on my own.

Also don’t forget that Nudity’s[Me…lol] first album [FreeDumb & Secret Identities] is available now, for free, the first 100,000 people to ask for the album will get it free.  But once it goes over 100,000 we have to charge $10.00 an album, if it goes over 1 million sold we will have to raise the price again to $20.00.  So please contact us as soon as you can to get your free album.   Right now it’s a digital only personal password protected download [burn your own CD program].  The only hard copy we have available is as a Interactive DVD available for purchase, at $20.00 [you can burn your own cd right?], and a lyric/poetry book available for sale also.

My Direct Line: 310 497 3381

Our email: or

I feel like your Willow, your the hero and I’m doing all this frigging work….lol


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