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March 9, 2011 • 4:59 pm – How Are They Preventing My King From Ruling? How is my prince being blocked from speaking, and from moving in this world?

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This entry is very important to me just like the last one, It will probably be  a long time before I’m this open with my life story.

[ A play on the word wall street and how some still see it’s importance as right below church on sunday…lol I’ll win the debate one day, one day they will know how much greater it can be in their life.]

Where is God’s Crown?


I Still Don’t Like Communicating Online – I’d rather be enjoying a conversation in person

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….It was his to own…It was his to stop…..and still he gave us his son.

My lesson on how friendship is more valuable then fornication – Pleading for anything other than sex

Are flowers still beautiful to you when it is night time, can you still enjoy their scent, can you still touch them?

Chapter Title: Envy can kill the grass still growing

How Samson’s story due to Delilah can form the basis for a message on enjoying friendship, escaping from the possibility of running to safety from how men or woman look due to the current display within media; caused by the way some cater to idolaters or to their only current fan base in those still youthful. The scripture show’s that valuing friendship over marriage and sexuality, can be more rewarding within today’s world. My key message would be to escape the want of fornication in your life at any cost. It is never beneficial, it is always less then the joy found within friendship, laughter, and exploring the world together. You don’t need a boyfriend if you can make friends, you don’t even need a husband if your friend is more then enough. My goal would be to encourage the gift God has in our design, but to not dwell on what we can do together when we are able to be free, from the weekends to nights out. God has given us the ability to explore passion without going to far, finding out what isn’t fornication is a good thing to explore as friends, lovers, or in a committed relationship. Insertion of any kind, has been studied by me as inferior, God’s true blessing is in how we can explore each other as passionate individuals and not just as we would in marriage.

I have been exploring the idea of what it means to really leave behind the need for a sexual relationship, and a woman’s past need to show success through the man they are able to keep, to show they have value to other woman and men because they have been able to sustain a relationship and they are building a path to marriage. The idea of the past connection to marriage as most important can also be explored.

Another key point to make is the example of the metaphor of how much the sun shines in Alaska, the viewpoint I have found is that much of the spectrum in light is missing but it is still a good time when visiting. But living there would not be the ideal place God has for you, surviving is not all that God has in store for this earth. He still wants Christians and Jewish men and woman to enjoy what he gave Adam in Eden to enjoy the relationship that formed because of his loneliness.

Sex and the fear of raising/being in charge of what we are able to create destroyed the passion that was built in God’s design.

I can also link the Alaska metaphor to the point I’d have about homosexuality’s growth from a hippy movement in the seventies, to a movement toward freedom in the 80’s to a grasp of control over anything that men could associate too. The American man grew to enjoy the possibilities versus understanding the beauty in their natural design. Instead of cherishing how God built and prepared this world for them to enjoy.

The idea stems from the happiness that I see within a family; the friendship found between a man and a woman who have decided to become married is much more ideal then any money that can be found. True happiness lies in what we enjoy personally and not what develops in understanding a social standard or past exposure to others experiences. I have found that many homosexuals through the nineties and the 2000’s have absorbed and attempted to control the beauty that is meant for women, the happiness we used to find from what woman like, from the rainbow to the flowers we used to pick for them. Women have been forced into working instead of the joy found when integrating them fully into what can be, as the pursuit of happiness has been coerced into a pursuit of joy through higher income levels. Paying for expensive houses and electronics instead of realizing the happiness that is experienced between two peoples possibilities together in this world as friends. Museums, art classes, and dancing have been replaced by the combination of both recreation and riches from material. This is partly due to a need to survive differently as much of the world changes and seeks after what is seen as royalty, instead of remembering the past lessons we have seen from kings and the joyless life that comes from having so many riches but not being able to enjoy the world around them. I do not want to see the gay men taking from what our women have to the point that others might grow to distaste what was once beautiful to their eyes, that they may grow to enjoy women who flee from the representation that gay men have now, as they are some days forced to head towards a radically changing lifestyle where they must live on their own and survive on their own and be stronger then they really have to be. The single parent household alone still brings tears to my eyes let alone the lack of true friendship that should exist between a man and a woman. Adam needed a friend and God did not give him a brother, Adam needed someone to talk to but he did not give him a different father, he needed a hug so he gave him a friend who he could always hold onto….

Are flowers still beautiful to you when it is night time, when the street lights shine and its all you have to brighten your view

can you still enjoy their scent, can you still touch them?

is the experience fun when it isn’t new?

Nations under control – how islamic religious customs have allowed people to be controlled by kings

Nations Under Control – A kingdom that is destined to die….

Are the kings really within their nations?

God bless and Have a great day, always remember that they are affecting themselves due to their religion they aren’t preventing us from doing any thing.  We can try our best to help the nations that are highly affected because the mark is placed on their hands or within their forehead during prayer, but we don’t need to be.  We can always fight against those who call themselves kings but do not own the lands Christ is prince of.

Important News: An update on where I am in life

A non Journalistic entry:

I really need to ask Christians how much they care right now, is it only because of the viewpoint showing in the news or do you see a Muslim majority in Egypt…..or perhaps it got to the point where change is needed ASAP and we are missing the fact that even those Muslims outside of the Us are under control due to the mindset from individuals who are truly without religion but they call themselves Muslims and hide as what they would call upper class and hide as what they would call a politician.  When their entire political control is based on religion and their entire control point is based off of what i would call a good founding point in the old testament where religion can coincide with how the nation or the country or any group of people can coincide with God as their king…At times it is that important as far as how controlling they can be and how controlling they can get and what needs to be changed in places….

What started the out burst to change the leadership in Egypt?  I still haven’t found out, was it just timing, did the entire group of people really get together and see a need for change?
Do you see the Christians in Egypt…Do you remember them? Christ is there for right now, that our pain is being solved by him and his father but they are at a sadder place some days, they are just as meek as many African Americans if not more….Africans are truly the meek who will inherit the earth.
I will be investing in them and their education until the day I die, I will be investing in Israel till the day I die.  I know where I see the meek in life currently and how both are at a level below where they can be and where they should be.  I await the millions of American dollars for every African child; till they see the billions there for them, that only a few can receive.  It is the world Christ is preparing for them and it is the world I am prepared to help deliver.

Perhaps the devil has caused this in confusion as many people gossip till some are tried and many people judge based on lies and distortion.  Perhaps they are jailed in and it’s because of the devil since Eden and he’s using scripture to show that he can stop many others but if it’s there it is still a jail he has caused if it stems all the way from Eden in mans actions after learning his viewpoint and acting in accordance to what he would say and do, or if it is men hindered since Job, because of what they fear, what they are scared of, and the fact they have not read the scripture to upgrade where they can be.  That they still cannot see God providing for them like they would see in Job’s life, that they cannot see being Jewish and waiting for Christ to connect fathers to sons….they cannot see themselves being Jewish and all 3 of the prophecies being fully completed, I can already tell that none have been fulfilled in Israel yet….perhaps everything but peace, but still the temple cannot be built[no matter how much money I give them] if even a blemish can be caused by another mans actions or intentions.

Christ can be there for them in Egypt every Muslim can join together and be Christian but still only he can help and only God can help fight against the problems in the future.
I know Christ can work day and night to fling a missile into no where, or to make them not work but if men are still testing the button every morning what is that to God, what is that to us if it is even filmed and it takes away from the possibilities of peace.

So I finally went back to Joel’s site….I was turned off by big churches for a while

I owe Joel a very big thank you, the visit to the site was like visiting the church on a sunday, Just his blog cured so much worry in my personal life that it was amazing for me to really analyze what a jail can be in how it traps some people from reaching the conversations let alone the preaching they may need in life.  Some day’s I feel as though I’m lucky because I’ve been blessed by God, and I am very close to him.

I really would like you to check out the blog posting from Joel’s site

1. Praying For our leaders – Read the full Blog at the churches site

2. God Always Has the Final Say – Read the full Blog entry at the churches site

The entries really had me thinking but it was only because I read the second entry[Today’s posting] that I regained the courage to push my dreams and goals back into existence, I was really trying to see where God wanted me to be and where he could take me, if there was more to what he has offered me in blessing then what has already been there.

The first posting’s comment can be read below, it is pretty personal and is really a big step for me in really seeing the Big Churches in a new light again, in seeing that they are ready and willing to remain loving and keeping the community style of interaction that I enjoy within a church.


The Comment can be read at:

I prayed…and it’s one of the first prayers for many people all at once that I don’t know and I’m not close friends with. It was a prayer for the leader period, not just the leaders I’ve read/seen in the news and not just for the leaders of current nations, but for those who will be seen as leaders, for those who will have to preach in tough situations. I always will cherish the blessings that are in front of me as a person who is waiting for God to show me the best way to being the leader/preacher he wants me to be. I am developing a church online and I don’t want to preach yet, I want to see what happens when I place a preacher(hopefully female) into the position and see how much God can do for their life/career after I am ready to take on the responsibility. Will he end up allowing them to keep preaching while I am able to fulfill my dreams and goals of staying with the youth as a great option for them under 30 and still connected to the youthfullness I had in the past. Will he be able to make the female preacher I am able to find sky rocket to success and show the world what she is able to do without me by her side.

I’m not sure, let me know what your take is, and don’t forget to read the Today’s entry from Joel[Fridays entry], There is no pain God cannot cure, but sometimes it may be difficult to get through without scrapes and bruises and scars. I pray you don’t have to deal with any situations that are that terrible, but please know you always have a family in your church and in joel’s church.

email my religious organization any time you need help, and we also have an on-call system for preachers and church members to connect for questions and help in any situations. I hope all is well, God bless.

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A less serious take on what 10 days in Jail can mean

Taken from a comment for the Kroq posting at…

This is not an AD [pln – (please laugh now)]:

Be One Of The First To Ride Six Flags’ SUPERMAN: Escape From Krypton

My Comment: The last time I went that fast backwards I was spending ten days in jail wondering why the devil still wanted to take my thoughts…..I should have been wondering why God was letting him….oh well…..I can’t fight against all of the evil in this world….only the insanity it may try to bring once all of the proofs gone.

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“Honestly, we probally can, even if I don’t want too….”

– Jon Pierson

I’m beginning to understand why God has placed the 10 days into our lives, for lesson about appreciating him after it’s over, and also as a way for us to see how much he cares, because it could go alot longer then ten days if the story is within Revelations and the devil wanted to kill/limit you or if he wanted to send someone who could kill/limit you.
It is part of prophecy unfolding that those God has prepared as saints, apostles, and equipped Christians will be attacked, they will be hurt by the events that take place world wide as many are limited and many are at war within themselves in way’s that don’t make sense.  Idolatry and the social standards have allowed for an entire world set backwards into the past because of where books/dvd’s like the secret have limited the growth of religion.
Religion unlike technology can truly place some people in the past very quickly, instead of the progress of a nations wealth.  Controlling a nations religion like some do in Islamic nations and not allowing growth at all has caused many of them to be placed into the past and thus has caused many unnecessary wars and alot of unnecessary violence.
A key concern of mine is what has been depicted in the movie The book of eli.  The movies depiction of how fast the world can crumble without religion is horrible and its due to the fact it was not sustained by force, effort, and voice.
Of course the movie is a fantasy world, and those of us who love god know that’s not how he operates, this is his world and his son would not allow the events that took place in the book of eli, he will be here as the man child and as the lamb of god to prevent/heal all wounds physically and mentally.
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