Remember WW2 if your stuck in WW3 – Always remember you can contact me or our non profit if you need to talk to someone

Remember WW2 if your stuck in WW3

Always remember you can contact me or our non profit if you need to talk to someone…

I was pondering on what I read in Psalms 135:11

“Blessed be the Lord out of Zion, which dwelleth at Jerusalem.  Praise ye the lord[Hallelujah].”

This had me thinking about where we might be going around enjoying alot without seeing the extended blessing that is there for us with God as we look at where we can be with Israel.  That it has been 50-70 years of their nation in turmoil and being restored to it’s full power because of how it was taken from due to wars in the past and especially from 1940 – 1960…. They are still transitioning into a better world, and being with them through their transition and giving a helping hand can be a great benefit to your own life if your able to see the true value of good work.

Please check out the following article at wikipedia

The birthplace of Jesus Christ was Jerusalem and it is because of invasion that they are still getting things back to normal.  The Nation of Israel can still use help in lifting their spirits since the attack and invasion into their homeland.  Although alot has gotten better and things are less violent the turmoil within the nation because of confusion, mistakes, or lack of guidance has caused alot of problems that still need to be fixed.

I’m still learning about Israel, they are still learning their place in this world.  They are God’s nation, yet they are still getting back onto their feet.  In America we consider ourselves one of Christ nations and we are really getting over the recession and other problems we have been faced with.  But being able to see the beauty in good work is a key part of my message.  Being able to help rebuild, and help Israel fight against the further injustice is a blessing that can help bring you even more in life.  Although you may be enjoying a great new world, God has even more for you, a lesson in good work is that it is always enjoyable, God has taught me true value in the holy spirit, and that there is true value in how much we can do together as a nation and in helping Israel.

Let me know if you want to start a cause to help out Israel, the non verbal war is the greatest fight, the interior discussions within Israel are needed, and can involve foreign Jew’s just as much as those from the line of David.  Christians are always needed to speak to the people within Islamic nations they don’t have alot they can do to fight against the terrorist and high level leaders that are in control of their nations, the compassion you are able to show can go a long way.  God has many gifts for you, but don’t hold onto the tangible gifts for so long that you miss out on the true blessings that can be had in conversation and watching other Grow.

I am still trying to get to Egypt in order to spread the Gospel and make sure that people meet Christ how he truly is within the new testament and not distorted because of false preachers/leaders stating that scripture is invalid.

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Nations under control – how islamic religious customs have allowed people to be controlled by kings

Nations Under Control – A kingdom that is destined to die….

Are the kings really within their nations?

God bless and Have a great day, always remember that they are affecting themselves due to their religion they aren’t preventing us from doing any thing.  We can try our best to help the nations that are highly affected because the mark is placed on their hands or within their forehead during prayer, but we don’t need to be.  We can always fight against those who call themselves kings but do not own the lands Christ is prince of.

Important News: An update on where I am in life

A non Journalistic entry:

I really need to ask Christians how much they care right now, is it only because of the viewpoint showing in the news or do you see a Muslim majority in Egypt…..or perhaps it got to the point where change is needed ASAP and we are missing the fact that even those Muslims outside of the Us are under control due to the mindset from individuals who are truly without religion but they call themselves Muslims and hide as what they would call upper class and hide as what they would call a politician.  When their entire political control is based on religion and their entire control point is based off of what i would call a good founding point in the old testament where religion can coincide with how the nation or the country or any group of people can coincide with God as their king…At times it is that important as far as how controlling they can be and how controlling they can get and what needs to be changed in places….

What started the out burst to change the leadership in Egypt?  I still haven’t found out, was it just timing, did the entire group of people really get together and see a need for change?
Do you see the Christians in Egypt…Do you remember them? Christ is there for right now, that our pain is being solved by him and his father but they are at a sadder place some days, they are just as meek as many African Americans if not more….Africans are truly the meek who will inherit the earth.
I will be investing in them and their education until the day I die, I will be investing in Israel till the day I die.  I know where I see the meek in life currently and how both are at a level below where they can be and where they should be.  I await the millions of American dollars for every African child; till they see the billions there for them, that only a few can receive.  It is the world Christ is preparing for them and it is the world I am prepared to help deliver.

Perhaps the devil has caused this in confusion as many people gossip till some are tried and many people judge based on lies and distortion.  Perhaps they are jailed in and it’s because of the devil since Eden and he’s using scripture to show that he can stop many others but if it’s there it is still a jail he has caused if it stems all the way from Eden in mans actions after learning his viewpoint and acting in accordance to what he would say and do, or if it is men hindered since Job, because of what they fear, what they are scared of, and the fact they have not read the scripture to upgrade where they can be.  That they still cannot see God providing for them like they would see in Job’s life, that they cannot see being Jewish and waiting for Christ to connect fathers to sons….they cannot see themselves being Jewish and all 3 of the prophecies being fully completed, I can already tell that none have been fulfilled in Israel yet….perhaps everything but peace, but still the temple cannot be built[no matter how much money I give them] if even a blemish can be caused by another mans actions or intentions.

Christ can be there for them in Egypt every Muslim can join together and be Christian but still only he can help and only God can help fight against the problems in the future.
I know Christ can work day and night to fling a missile into no where, or to make them not work but if men are still testing the button every morning what is that to God, what is that to us if it is even filmed and it takes away from the possibilities of peace.

So I finally went back to Joel’s site….I was turned off by big churches for a while

I owe Joel a very big thank you, the visit to the site was like visiting the church on a sunday, Just his blog cured so much worry in my personal life that it was amazing for me to really analyze what a jail can be in how it traps some people from reaching the conversations let alone the preaching they may need in life.  Some day’s I feel as though I’m lucky because I’ve been blessed by God, and I am very close to him.

I really would like you to check out the blog posting from Joel’s site

1. Praying For our leaders – Read the full Blog at the churches site

2. God Always Has the Final Say – Read the full Blog entry at the churches site

The entries really had me thinking but it was only because I read the second entry[Today’s posting] that I regained the courage to push my dreams and goals back into existence, I was really trying to see where God wanted me to be and where he could take me, if there was more to what he has offered me in blessing then what has already been there.

The first posting’s comment can be read below, it is pretty personal and is really a big step for me in really seeing the Big Churches in a new light again, in seeing that they are ready and willing to remain loving and keeping the community style of interaction that I enjoy within a church.


The Comment can be read at:

I prayed…and it’s one of the first prayers for many people all at once that I don’t know and I’m not close friends with. It was a prayer for the leader period, not just the leaders I’ve read/seen in the news and not just for the leaders of current nations, but for those who will be seen as leaders, for those who will have to preach in tough situations. I always will cherish the blessings that are in front of me as a person who is waiting for God to show me the best way to being the leader/preacher he wants me to be. I am developing a church online and I don’t want to preach yet, I want to see what happens when I place a preacher(hopefully female) into the position and see how much God can do for their life/career after I am ready to take on the responsibility. Will he end up allowing them to keep preaching while I am able to fulfill my dreams and goals of staying with the youth as a great option for them under 30 and still connected to the youthfullness I had in the past. Will he be able to make the female preacher I am able to find sky rocket to success and show the world what she is able to do without me by her side.

I’m not sure, let me know what your take is, and don’t forget to read the Today’s entry from Joel[Fridays entry], There is no pain God cannot cure, but sometimes it may be difficult to get through without scrapes and bruises and scars. I pray you don’t have to deal with any situations that are that terrible, but please know you always have a family in your church and in joel’s church.

email my religious organization any time you need help, and we also have an on-call system for preachers and church members to connect for questions and help in any situations. I hope all is well, God bless.

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A less serious take on what 10 days in Jail can mean

Taken from a comment for the Kroq posting at…

This is not an AD [pln – (please laugh now)]:

Be One Of The First To Ride Six Flags’ SUPERMAN: Escape From Krypton

My Comment: The last time I went that fast backwards I was spending ten days in jail wondering why the devil still wanted to take my thoughts…..I should have been wondering why God was letting him….oh well…..I can’t fight against all of the evil in this world….only the insanity it may try to bring once all of the proofs gone.

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– Jon Pierson

I’m beginning to understand why God has placed the 10 days into our lives, for lesson about appreciating him after it’s over, and also as a way for us to see how much he cares, because it could go alot longer then ten days if the story is within Revelations and the devil wanted to kill/limit you or if he wanted to send someone who could kill/limit you.
It is part of prophecy unfolding that those God has prepared as saints, apostles, and equipped Christians will be attacked, they will be hurt by the events that take place world wide as many are limited and many are at war within themselves in way’s that don’t make sense.  Idolatry and the social standards have allowed for an entire world set backwards into the past because of where books/dvd’s like the secret have limited the growth of religion.
Religion unlike technology can truly place some people in the past very quickly, instead of the progress of a nations wealth.  Controlling a nations religion like some do in Islamic nations and not allowing growth at all has caused many of them to be placed into the past and thus has caused many unnecessary wars and alot of unnecessary violence.
A key concern of mine is what has been depicted in the movie The book of eli.  The movies depiction of how fast the world can crumble without religion is horrible and its due to the fact it was not sustained by force, effort, and voice.
Of course the movie is a fantasy world, and those of us who love god know that’s not how he operates, this is his world and his son would not allow the events that took place in the book of eli, he will be here as the man child and as the lamb of god to prevent/heal all wounds physically and mentally.

A sermon for the growing eclectic individual – please finish with comments and messages to help grow what is saved for later

style; don’t let others affect or infect you if it isn’t something you enjoy, some explore art and artistic expression but do not be trapped by what it is in your life, enjoy what it can be and always remember to keep going to where you enjoy being, seek out true happiness and not the happiness seen within others…A key concept about style is also seeing where value can be destroyed because you are following others style or ways and not seeing how important your own are and how important you can be on your own or with others who have similar culture…the importance of culture and race must never be forgotten it is an important aspect within society, that our cultural ways have been so well liked and have been so well received that you do not have to go any where else to seek enjoyment.

Scripture is at: Psalms 72, the focus is on the following passage

11Yea, all kings shall fall down before him: all nations shall serve him.

The concept i want to focus on is the ideal man in God’s eyes who learns how to be this king without a kingdom or a need for large amounts of money, and how there is no one version but those who can pursue where God needs them too….that the new king can be those seen as a king, how woman can also be viewed in society now as leaders and needed as leaders in many ways, but the men must not forget how important God’s calling is for them and where woman may choose to be naturally as mothers and lovers.

Examples of Cultural Viewpoints:

The Joke[possibly not your style]

The Style to explore[effort]

The new hobby to explore [earned from a lesson in effort]

[if you can see things without judgment added or pride added]

Please finish reading:

Psalms 72: 1 – 20

The scripture at Psalm’s 72: 11 leads into where i need you to re-read and re-analyze what I am really trying to say and what I can’t wait to talk more about.

And to continue:

Choosing the route others take may leave you, devoid of how much you may truly receive at the end of your real journey and path.  A key example would be reality television or even reality internet where one person is filming their journey online or one person is showing you their current journey online[you would miss out on the real value because it’s being filmed instead of being able to fully monitor and research how many people are viewing everything your putting alot of time into….value is important in this world, choosing to live meek is a decision in style or art but choosing to see how important value is to God in throughout the history of earth, especially in how he prepared Israel to handle how much he is always willing to give them],….if you only caught the beginning of their blog entry and didn’t go back later because you thought it was done and updated, then you may miss out on the growth created through comments and later messages, and the continued conversations that do exist.  I await for us to be able to see the real history God has prepared for us in the Old Testament, to really see how Israel and other nations are included in our lessons and our growth after Christ has come to earth.

I am always adding more onto my blog because I have learned this lesson in life….the more conversations and comments i receive the more I will begin to put into the direct blog entry.  The more people will be able to see and develop on their own time.

I have learned a lesson in even updating this entry, that in the beginning i did not know how much I would really have to write, and now perhaps even a few have seen the beginning of my update and now more has come, Who have I missed in delivery when I could have prepared in full and posted everything later….

Can you hear me God, It’s me Jonathan Pierson – What it means to have your name in The Book of Life

I don’t like this song, well at least Kanye’s point….It’s like yes we know its bad for entertainers it’s been bad……

It’s been bad for entertainers for a while since racism in the 50’s and white actors forced to play roles they didn’t want to or to be in movies that didn’t fully show what the world was to them, All the way to the 80’s when the idol began to form again in how a movie was presented to society….

I think Kanye’s point has been said so many times that it’s annoying it’s blocking what I would do in the music industry because it doesn’t fix anything….I need thing’s fixed before i can contemplate joining them in their fun, before i can contemplate actually being considered a part of where their individual poetic voice may lead.

He has so many points to bring up without using rap and just using art that it would be nice to hear them but where he is taking the rap industry may not be the best

it may just create discontent and friction for him as a rapper instead of where he would be as an artist, from movies to cartoons to a variety of other Ideas I can’t wait to promote with him.

Let me know when your ready to hear some of my stuff, and my goal right now is to redo a large amount of the music that’s currently out and upgrade it past the We Don’t care Swagger Dropping day’s, to what we really would say on the metaphor what each individual has to add now that their looking at their new fan base their new long range friends…..Damn I’m tired of these pins…….

Peace, Jonathan Pierson

Oh and don’t forget to check out the new moon walk towards the end of the video I might have to have him teach it too me one day….AND DON’T steal anything form him unless you meet him and if you meet him you need to contact me I’m still searching for a way to get a message back [ they seem too busy for now: but if your able to send a message to let them know I want them to get in contact with me [Email: and Phone: 310 hyped u1 ] – I really need to talk to more people to see where they are right now and what future they really want with Christ; there is no dogmatic way to live and there’s no one way to have fun in this world…..It’s been a long time since I really have been able to trust everyone in this world with who I can be and what this world can be, I’ve been fearful of what may happen when everything is perfectly prepared and ready, similar to what God had for Israel after leaving Egypt, that even now men and women may falter in their way’s….

I’m finally connecting my life to Scripture from Revelations:

25 But that which ye have already, hold fast till I come.

26 And he that over cometh and keepeth My works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations,

27 And “he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers,” even as I have received from My Father.

28 And I will give him the morning star.

29 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches!’

Being Christ Son:

Christ and God have many people they love like children now that his son has given us communion, but very few can be called family directly, it is a lesson I have had to learn while growing up trying to be a virgin for him until I was allowed to be prophetic and knowing alot about how the world could be viewed in love versus how God truly view’s the world.

It was difficult in the past to see how important I am to God outside of Israel, how much God wanted for those in Israel and those outside of Israel.  But I am beginning to realize that it is the only time Christ can have a son and God can have a Grand son in viewpoint.  That any prophet within Israel could not be king outside of Israel because the lesson is already to let God be the true King for all men even those outside of Israel (the lesson about their King’s given in the old testament).
I was able to see how Christ would need me as a son who can hold authority, the son that he could never have in Israel for they would always be his father’s children and his brothers, that if he wanted to sculpt a son similar to how God helped him grow he would have to do it outside of his home and he would have to do it as he grew with him in Christianity.

This is something I’ve been bracing with as prophetic and still trying to see how Christ could allow an apostle who has learned Israels lesson about a king to truly have the authority that is placed within the red letters as the future that will be for some men and women.

Thank’s for reading:

And many blessings have been prayed for you, for your future and your present, don’t forget to walk into them, and don’t foget to have faith with God in knowing the directions you can always go towards.

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