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March 10th 2011 – Update from

Jon has never wanted to put out an autobiography, maybe a movie or two about what a documentary of his life would look like.  But that is about it, the writing he creates for his Online Journal is about where his journey has been, the parts he is actually able to share with people without bringing up bad memories.

Let us know what you think of the entry, and if you have any good news to share.

God’ – March 10th, 2011


March 9, 2011 • 4:59 pm – How Are They Preventing My King From Ruling? How is my prince being blocked from speaking, and from moving in this world?

Please stop by today’s God’s Cross blog update to check out another personal Online Long Street Journal

This entry is very important to me just like the last one, It will probably be  a long time before I’m this open with my life story.

[ A play on the word wall street and how some still see it’s importance as right below church on sunday…lol I’ll win the debate one day, one day they will know how much greater it can be in their life.]

Where is God’s Crown?

I Still Don’t Like Communicating Online – I’d rather be enjoying a conversation in person

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….It was his to own…It was his to stop…..and still he gave us his son.

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