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310 497 3381 + 310 Hyped U1
[if you don’t hear back from Jonathan in a few day’s try the non profit line the other line at 323 325 1239]

We are Uncommon Love, commonUn is a play on the word Uncommon, we are also the Common United Nations(a.k.a Common United Network) [We are a religious group that helps run the Online Church (also called Uncommon Love) and the non profit group Org (Our Research Group)], we are the first religious group to attempt to form a church that is capable of reaching people worldwide without incurring high cost monetarily.  We provide everything that is needed to have service on Sundays, and we are able to provide missionary and charity services to any location. We have a thorough qualifying process in order to receive our service.   Our second purpose is making sure people’s needs and wants in life can be met, either through job creation, or Non profit creation using our funding, outside funding, or sponsor’s that are directly working with us to provide a better form of profit and success than we’ve seen in the past.

A Common UN was started in 2007, and has been busy researching way’s to make sure your trip here on earth is successful, peaceful and joyous. Our research led us to Non profit creation, as well as cause posting so we can know the problems individual people have versus pondering on how the entire world can be fixed.

Please Visit us at http://www.commonun.com and check out what we do, we’d love to build a non profit or a religious group with you, we cover all the cost of getting it started all you have to bring is the passion and effort.

Also don’t forget to check out two of our other site’s

 YourKoz.com – HelpMet.com

At these site’s we are able to help you raise funds for any cause you want, and with the engine project you can make your very own google, share the free domain we give you with all of your friend’s and family or even stranger’s and the advertising proceeds go directly to what you want them to, not just making one guy richer and richer.

You can contact Uncommon Love and A Common United Nations at any time we are at OurFrontDesk@CommonUn.com and you can also reach us at  HelpMet@Live.com

Please check out Jon’s more personal blog at GodsCross.wordPress.com

If you want to check out some good news and the weekly entries on the world he’s living in check out OneDollarPass.wordPress.com

“It takes more then a 1000 words to take a picture of reality, because life itself cannot be captured or caged, because it would take up to many volumes if I tried to write, because so much would be missed if it was only put on film.”

– From Jonathan

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