Remember WW2 if your stuck in WW3 – Always remember you can contact me or our non profit if you need to talk to someone

Remember WW2 if your stuck in WW3

Always remember you can contact me or our non profit if you need to talk to someone…

I was pondering on what I read in Psalms 135:11

“Blessed be the Lord out of Zion, which dwelleth at Jerusalem.  Praise ye the lord[Hallelujah].”

This had me thinking about where we might be going around enjoying alot without seeing the extended blessing that is there for us with God as we look at where we can be with Israel.  That it has been 50-70 years of their nation in turmoil and being restored to it’s full power because of how it was taken from due to wars in the past and especially from 1940 – 1960…. They are still transitioning into a better world, and being with them through their transition and giving a helping hand can be a great benefit to your own life if your able to see the true value of good work.

Please check out the following article at wikipedia

The birthplace of Jesus Christ was Jerusalem and it is because of invasion that they are still getting things back to normal.  The Nation of Israel can still use help in lifting their spirits since the attack and invasion into their homeland.  Although alot has gotten better and things are less violent the turmoil within the nation because of confusion, mistakes, or lack of guidance has caused alot of problems that still need to be fixed.

I’m still learning about Israel, they are still learning their place in this world.  They are God’s nation, yet they are still getting back onto their feet.  In America we consider ourselves one of Christ nations and we are really getting over the recession and other problems we have been faced with.  But being able to see the beauty in good work is a key part of my message.  Being able to help rebuild, and help Israel fight against the further injustice is a blessing that can help bring you even more in life.  Although you may be enjoying a great new world, God has even more for you, a lesson in good work is that it is always enjoyable, God has taught me true value in the holy spirit, and that there is true value in how much we can do together as a nation and in helping Israel.

Let me know if you want to start a cause to help out Israel, the non verbal war is the greatest fight, the interior discussions within Israel are needed, and can involve foreign Jew’s just as much as those from the line of David.  Christians are always needed to speak to the people within Islamic nations they don’t have alot they can do to fight against the terrorist and high level leaders that are in control of their nations, the compassion you are able to show can go a long way.  God has many gifts for you, but don’t hold onto the tangible gifts for so long that you miss out on the true blessings that can be had in conversation and watching other Grow.

I am still trying to get to Egypt in order to spread the Gospel and make sure that people meet Christ how he truly is within the new testament and not distorted because of false preachers/leaders stating that scripture is invalid.

Thank’s for reading

From Uncommon Love

And don’t forget to send a message or leave a comment if you have something you want to add.

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