So I finally went back to Joel’s site….I was turned off by big churches for a while

I owe Joel a very big thank you, the visit to the site was like visiting the church on a sunday, Just his blog cured so much worry in my personal life that it was amazing for me to really analyze what a jail can be in how it traps some people from reaching the conversations let alone the preaching they may need in life.  Some day’s I feel as though I’m lucky because I’ve been blessed by God, and I am very close to him.

I really would like you to check out the blog posting from Joel’s site

1. Praying For our leaders – Read the full Blog at the churches site

2. God Always Has the Final Say – Read the full Blog entry at the churches site

The entries really had me thinking but it was only because I read the second entry[Today’s posting] that I regained the courage to push my dreams and goals back into existence, I was really trying to see where God wanted me to be and where he could take me, if there was more to what he has offered me in blessing then what has already been there.

The first posting’s comment can be read below, it is pretty personal and is really a big step for me in really seeing the Big Churches in a new light again, in seeing that they are ready and willing to remain loving and keeping the community style of interaction that I enjoy within a church.


The Comment can be read at:

I prayed…and it’s one of the first prayers for many people all at once that I don’t know and I’m not close friends with. It was a prayer for the leader period, not just the leaders I’ve read/seen in the news and not just for the leaders of current nations, but for those who will be seen as leaders, for those who will have to preach in tough situations. I always will cherish the blessings that are in front of me as a person who is waiting for God to show me the best way to being the leader/preacher he wants me to be. I am developing a church online and I don’t want to preach yet, I want to see what happens when I place a preacher(hopefully female) into the position and see how much God can do for their life/career after I am ready to take on the responsibility. Will he end up allowing them to keep preaching while I am able to fulfill my dreams and goals of staying with the youth as a great option for them under 30 and still connected to the youthfullness I had in the past. Will he be able to make the female preacher I am able to find sky rocket to success and show the world what she is able to do without me by her side.

I’m not sure, let me know what your take is, and don’t forget to read the Today’s entry from Joel[Fridays entry], There is no pain God cannot cure, but sometimes it may be difficult to get through without scrapes and bruises and scars. I pray you don’t have to deal with any situations that are that terrible, but please know you always have a family in your church and in joel’s church.

email my religious organization any time you need help, and we also have an on-call system for preachers and church members to connect for questions and help in any situations. I hope all is well, God bless.

My site:[Our online church] and[We are on call almost 24/7]

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