A less serious take on what 10 days in Jail can mean

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My Comment: The last time I went that fast backwards I was spending ten days in jail wondering why the devil still wanted to take my thoughts…..I should have been wondering why God was letting him….oh well…..I can’t fight against all of the evil in this world….only the insanity it may try to bring once all of the proofs gone.

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I’m beginning to understand why God has placed the 10 days into our lives, for lesson about appreciating him after it’s over, and also as a way for us to see how much he cares, because it could go alot longer then ten days if the story is within Revelations and the devil wanted to kill/limit you or if he wanted to send someone who could kill/limit you.
It is part of prophecy unfolding that those God has prepared as saints, apostles, and equipped Christians will be attacked, they will be hurt by the events that take place world wide as many are limited and many are at war within themselves in way’s that don’t make sense.  Idolatry and the social standards have allowed for an entire world set backwards into the past because of where books/dvd’s like the secret have limited the growth of religion.
Religion unlike technology can truly place some people in the past very quickly, instead of the progress of a nations wealth.  Controlling a nations religion like some do in Islamic nations and not allowing growth at all has caused many of them to be placed into the past and thus has caused many unnecessary wars and alot of unnecessary violence.
A key concern of mine is what has been depicted in the movie The book of eli.  The movies depiction of how fast the world can crumble without religion is horrible and its due to the fact it was not sustained by force, effort, and voice.
Of course the movie is a fantasy world, and those of us who love god know that’s not how he operates, this is his world and his son would not allow the events that took place in the book of eli, he will be here as the man child and as the lamb of god to prevent/heal all wounds physically and mentally.
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