A sermon for the growing eclectic individual – please finish with comments and messages to help grow what is saved for later

style; don’t let others affect or infect you if it isn’t something you enjoy, some explore art and artistic expression but do not be trapped by what it is in your life, enjoy what it can be and always remember to keep going to where you enjoy being, seek out true happiness and not the happiness seen within others…A key concept about style is also seeing where value can be destroyed because you are following others style or ways and not seeing how important your own are and how important you can be on your own or with others who have similar culture…the importance of culture and race must never be forgotten it is an important aspect within society, that our cultural ways have been so well liked and have been so well received that you do not have to go any where else to seek enjoyment.

Scripture is at: Psalms 72, the focus is on the following passage

11Yea, all kings shall fall down before him: all nations shall serve him.

The concept i want to focus on is the ideal man in God’s eyes who learns how to be this king without a kingdom or a need for large amounts of money, and how there is no one version but those who can pursue where God needs them too….that the new king can be those seen as a king, how woman can also be viewed in society now as leaders and needed as leaders in many ways, but the men must not forget how important God’s calling is for them and where woman may choose to be naturally as mothers and lovers.

Examples of Cultural Viewpoints:

The Joke[possibly not your style]

The Style to explore[effort]

The new hobby to explore [earned from a lesson in effort]

[if you can see things without judgment added or pride added]

Please finish reading:

Psalms 72: 1 – 20

The scripture at Psalm’s 72: 11 leads into where i need you to re-read and re-analyze what I am really trying to say and what I can’t wait to talk more about.

And to continue:

Choosing the route others take may leave you, devoid of how much you may truly receive at the end of your real journey and path.  A key example would be reality television or even reality internet where one person is filming their journey online or one person is showing you their current journey online[you would miss out on the real value because it’s being filmed instead of being able to fully monitor and research how many people are viewing everything your putting alot of time into….value is important in this world, choosing to live meek is a decision in style or art but choosing to see how important value is to God in throughout the history of earth, especially in how he prepared Israel to handle how much he is always willing to give them],….if you only caught the beginning of their blog entry and didn’t go back later because you thought it was done and updated, then you may miss out on the growth created through comments and later messages, and the continued conversations that do exist.  I await for us to be able to see the real history God has prepared for us in the Old Testament, to really see how Israel and other nations are included in our lessons and our growth after Christ has come to earth.

I am always adding more onto my blog because I have learned this lesson in life….the more conversations and comments i receive the more I will begin to put into the direct blog entry.  The more people will be able to see and develop on their own time.

I have learned a lesson in even updating this entry, that in the beginning i did not know how much I would really have to write, and now perhaps even a few have seen the beginning of my update and now more has come, Who have I missed in delivery when I could have prepared in full and posted everything later….

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