The joy of being Christian – The pain of seeing those who miss God

My view of the future:

The reasons why I work so hard:  We are currently very excited about the continued growth God has for us in the future as a world united by Christ through religion.  We look forward to working with future preachers and prophetic men and woman, while focusing the majority of our efforts on a world wide community of people who love God.  From the many Arabian preachers and prophetic men and women who find Christ to the American men and women still growing with God at their side.  I know many cultures have been waiting for the  day their son’s and daughters will truly be with God, through Christ as the true messiah for the world, especially due to  their love of Israel.  I know their has been a longing for true guidance from within their communities from Iran to Saudi Arabia, their love for God show’s in how they call to him for true guidance  for true peace, even through confusion or fear [Mistranslations].

Thank’s Again,
Jonathan E. Pierson
Founder of Uncommon Love [Updated: Feb. 12th, 2011]


The joy through the pain - The meek shall inherit the earth - especially when weak in spirit


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