We can escape these jails

Part of the prophetic vision I’ve seen can be talked about now focusing on what was locked and controlled by the devil to force us to halt communication and almost control time if God is not updating us in his own way to fight against thing’s (the dragon’s control of where people are in religion [the route to Christianity and Judaism being hindered and made to look scary]) through the Jezebels teachings and other unnecessary road blocks and what I was at least able to help out with online as to what I felt could be happening and ending soon from November to now it is still in the process of finishing and soon the lambs bride should be here. A key issue is the devil no longer blocks it with the first or the second kingdom as they existed working together at the same time.

They have or are still transitioning into the blasphemy kingdom right now. Even with the horses included the time frame should be soon but as my viewpoint of the future states it is only known by god what the situation will play out to be due to the free will of people like the false prophet who God has been trying to kill with real world intentions and not serving the devils intentions of testing God, testing how long God will protect people while he works for the man and keeps him alive. God would have to protect so many people at the same time that their natural course and path in life may be affected if he stayed for any time frame that had to take place over time, if the man wasn’t being killed naturally. Some may forget how much free will they have in Revelations but the natural paths God has for us within the prophecy of Revelations should never be affected by a jail that evil has prepared to hinder their growth in society. God would have to create something from heaven whose only job on earth would have been to kill one man, it is something I see in the symbolism of the horses. God would have to eventually separate his anger and power into another creation because the devil tested him in a way that shouldn’t have ever been, because over time God has to get things done; event’s must finish differently after one man has affected so many others.

I don’t think God has ever made a creation with the sole intentions of killing something it just isn’t in his way’s, especially if it’s due to an entity already in existence that could easily be killed in many way’s by many of his other creations that were built for life and life abundant where death was only due to the natural need for more life. It is interesting to me that God has allowed the human element to keep going through the 10 days in jail to show the strength we still have in fighting in force against the men who are still being protected from the devil as they stay on his game plan and avoid where God has placed their death naturally in the course of event’s within their lives. The horses are needed for me to even see God delivering this much war or violence towards any individual, it hasn’t been seen by me once one man has used the devil once to avoid death naturally by creating fear, having to make God try day after day while he continues to live and avoid capture is horrific, even seeing the devil spread elsewhere while men and woman still try to attack and kill the false prophet becomes a horrific site to behold as the same thing happens. Day after day for 42 month’s God tried everything he had to get him and those who followed (his false way’s) killed despite what the devil was doing elsewhere or to the world.

Our key is that the world should have a lambs bride with Christ as prince and God as king very soon it should be completed if not today then in the future at any time frame God is truly ready. When the world has been prepared with Christ in their lives in some way or as Israel is ready to handle their responsibility as the new world power again. There’s still a lot of good work to do world wide as the lambs bride comes into the world and Christ rules. The key component is we don’t have to worry about hell and death being involved.

I’ve felt that it is strange that no matter how much I truly want things’ to end, I am still involved with part’s of revelations that must continue that there is no option but to have it exist in history in some way. I believe my confusion ends with the horses continuing any story within revelations involving the . Rhonda Byrne and the very few very evil openly evil women like those women still close friends with the ten men especially the first two kings and I’m sure that only the main story line would involve the Jezebel Rb the key concept to remember is you can avoid any path that involves death or hell and do good work for God many people will be dedicated due to their love of God….I’m still going to keep my church running because I know God’s good work will always be needed now, especially when helping out those under 18.

Helping out those under eighteen and those within the blasphemy kingdoms transition before they must help themselves out with God in their life alone no one knows how their internal story completes or how their life will be lived we do not control other men and woman’s actions. The first and second are now forming into the blasphemy kingdom and God will handle their personal stories of death and hell through the horses now, if we are saving people it would be from the path they would be taking not a guarantee until we know we are fighting someone who would bring hell or death to our door step.

Especially any need for any more physical war if I do develop a nation after all of this, it will be with God and Christ as my inspiration and any defense would be a sign of force for the coming thousand years for when he comes back from hell and does not follow God’s complete orders possibly. I plan to show those tempted by him I have learned from Israels waiting, to not be too patient with God if I’m not Israeli and I am seeking to protect my self from peace and his son knows me through religion not family blood as he would in Israel. If I was in control of a nation it would be to respect where God needed to place hell and death now versus then, in any way, to protect against evil men in defense from other nations including Christ help on earth, his help is never guaranteed but it is known to be there in faith in God and personal need/relationship due to religion. God’s love should forever protect my hypothetical nation but the example alone is a lesson as to what I would introduce and not live in versus what I would make with God and prepare perfectly, as I would not want to swear or guarantee God’s protection for everyone right now; versus my wait for when Christ is shown world wide as the man child and we know it is hell avoiding our nation as God loves us and what can be kept forever within as peace and peace kept through our religion and not guaranteed in how men act even as the thousand years start and.

The key to my vision is within the delivery of the message. That when I need to, I will know the best method of delivery, I believe it is in person over time as each individual is ready to handle the information of what God has done in their life or the information about what may still be coming in their future as the transition continues.

A key lesson I’ve learned is that God will not be putting all of the kingdom into the lake of fire alive at the same time, it is a process of normal life, they will gain new citizens they will lose citizens but in the end they will transition into the already existing Blasphemy Kingdom, the key to remember is when you will have to deal with their actions in your life, you may believe everything is going great but even a family member may stray away from God one day and because they have no religion they might lose the guidance you have placed into their life and join the Kingdom that has no face and has no recognizable association to Revelations for some people who have not read.

I personally do not want to see any Violence dealt to the world by Israel if it is not necessary, it is hard to watch those who love God hurting any one. This is unless it is on God’s timing and seen as something he did not, deliver and only the horses and the rider of the horses could love God enough to continue with the sad parts of the physical fighting and even the evangelical religious fighting within the story, my key is to wait and be patient for my future wife and I will know how things should be

without ever looking like an idol to the world or us feeling bad based off of past teachings from RB the Jezebel, as The Secret Taught idols existed and people’s wants can be completed due to false versions of reality formed into an idol.

Our key goal is teaching that the secret idol worshiping or idols exist lifestyle in anyway doesn’t work…the further life of an idol giving things or an idol as evil and still being able to give things still will never work…..no matter what her false look up created (seeing her as a wiken[when she really isn’t] and later moving past her direct involvement in revelations to the idea of who she is on Wikipedia versus who she really is as the Jezebel in her real life). The worst thing I’ve researched was the false prophet fearing her as an idol [more powerful then she really is in reality] and his entire story since ninth grade and further story since 2006, the key would be seeing how it fully completes for each person individually over time quickly and easily the difficulty would be how hard it is to kill those still working with hell, following the horses as the push things along.

It should end at the idols she created and that the look up of who she is, is a trick and is false in many ways as a person we have never met(wikipedia or other online sources) and fear for a situation when we still haven’t seen anything she is doing or anything in regards to her true actions with the 1st and 2nd kingdoms kings in the past and more specifically her relationship with Yannique based off of what she is dealing with as his fear of her and her want to leave the bed God has provided for her. The false prophet never tells the truth and it is easy for me as a past friend before 2006 to see that his fear of her would have started then (in 2006) and is reasoning for his lies. Even the devil runs away from God so why would we ever fear a man or the Jezebel if we love God and they can and will leave now from our personal lives as will others who want after evil and sinful way’s.

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