Ask me for my research, and its free unless your government and still hurt we haven’t met

The title is sarcastic at the end, because it’s their first time reading and it only takes a few seconds until I pretended I had disrespect for those who work for me/with me….

When dealing with past memories of the 1st and 2nd kingdom please try and keep them in the synagogue of Satan in description; there is no need to search them up to much, in my opinion it only deteriorates where you could be if your fighting against them in any way.   The best way to fight is to defend and the only defense against the devil is through God, through religion through Judaism and Christianity. Searching things up can get confusing if you don’t just place them within Christ description as nothing to be bothered with, they will be handled by him and God.   Always keep close to what the preachers, priest, and rabbi’s can tell you from scripture.

Answering My Questions:

I know for a fact through research and proof that the 42 months are up for the 1st kingdom, they stayed in hiding, they kept attacking in way’s we would keep secret, and the history shows they only killed themselves and prevented companies from growing and starting in order to start their own.  Their agenda was not stopping others from buying and selling within the companies but to transfer blame and stop new and existing companies from buying and selling in the future.

Our proof even states that the second kingdom started during the 42 months of the first and we can go over all of the different way’s that they have been openly creating fear of starting business due to their sadness they could not enjoy in the American lifestyle that could be in the corporate world they grew up enjoying and miss appreciating.

They honestly probably didn’t have what it takes to keep going nor did they know how much hard work it takes to start a business and keep it running, why their plans eventually fell into devil worship and the devil working for them like a slave/yoga master/and a priest gathering other people’s information to even keep them going without suicide in their lives. A key to remember is to not fear them it is similar to a search up of who Rhonda Byrne is without adding in the fact that she is the Jezebel God has already put into bed. The search up could limit where you would be in life if you didn’t use the holy bible as your aide in understanding her and what the Jezebel is in history.

The key part I want to focus on is that the second kingdom can choose to end when it wants too it has not time limit but God is trying to stop it as soon as possible at all times even within it’s kingdom as those without a mark receive one based on the structure I’ve researched. The evolution of the second kingdom making the third to spit in God’s face in an attempt to further control their distorted version of him and their distorted version of this world. The key to seeing them is they will want to be out in the open now, a key example I have found is a site like a site that has just started and may slip under our radar similar to how Rhonda Byrne idolatry slipped by as not so powerful when in reality it helped make the 1st and 2nd kingdom and helped keep us in the past based on an attack on where we all would be as Christians and Jewish people and those who truly love God because he created this world and they are awaiting Christ to be in their lives.

I don’t have alot of guaranteed examples of their transition, but Killington is one website.  The reason why Killington may slip under the radar is because of it’s possible usage of a dual mask on their true intentions as non religious. They may even place a figure head in as Ceo or manager who is highly religious and would have been at least respected and shown a cordial greeting if it’s during the 42 months because religion and preaching was the best weapon against their confusion and pride.

Although they may be evil, evil is easily conquered because it sways and changes based on God’s planning. I feel sad seeing a site like Killington come out of hiding as they go away from trying to prevent others and really start trying to start their own businesses and corporations, the key reason is because they are lacking religion they are not where God would have them in life currently. Even the website name could be used in a artistic way within Christianity if they took the time to view thing’s that way. But their marketing on allowed me to see them expanding from a use of the word beast as slang and almost hard to stop as slang into a way of hiding what they really are up to, Calling things a part of the blasphemy kingdom openly and hiding why.

They Call it part of what they perceived to be their growing land/territory(they have known our research shows it comes and goes based on where the devil allows them to stay and feel comfortable), their growing land that really is what they consider the 1st and 2nd kingdom, as the beast and the land they want is still called a beast (in slang) as more and more people grow disgusted or un-attracted by it, but truly it is what they would consider their 3rd kingdom coming out of hiding as it starts to grow and they transition from copying the 1st one with different people.

Our research shows that some of the nations within the Blasphemy kingdom are fully formed and have been growing since possibly before 2006, but they are just now coming out of hiding knowing that they are a part of a kingdom in revelations now that God is truly showing that his son is Christ; that Judaism and Christianity are the religion’s he loves dearly and their fight in the past truly angered him but did not make their entire race/religion a part of God’s hatred, I see it as God bracing with them and giving them time to really grow away from the false teachings added onto the preaching of Mouhamed to give power to him. If you get the chance send us a message and we can discuss any questions you have about what the kingdom was really up to, and hopefully we can get rid of any fear you have in your life built up due to paranoia or forced images/representations of stereotypes about themselves.


Update to Comfort in Prayer Book

Jonathan E. Pierson

Don’t forget to stop by the website and let us know what you think about our current agenda

Also if you are in need of answers directly from me as far as any full research about what is going on or what i believe is going to be going on in the future, please let me know, you can call me at 310 497 3381 (310 hype du1 [It’s about the incorrect hype for me or Christ and how some forget to link God to the Holy Bible in how he truly is and how he will always be]).  I prefer email, but i am still dealing with hackers and I am trying to take phone calls instead.  Thanks, ttylater.

Febuary 4th 2011

P.S:  Here’s an example of a website advertising for a business that finally got the chance to exist as the second kingdom transitions into the Blasphemy kingdom.  Please don’t forget to support as we deal with suspicion through investigation and not stereotypes and conspiracy.

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