Sometime’s I could use a better form of communication…

A message for many people: To really cherish the lessons absorbed from church even if no notes are needed, the importance placed in media can possibly take things away over time, a lesson I have had over my life as I have gotten older and found a large portion of the preaching and teachings from my pastor and the members of my church, have gone into my memory as equal to the entertainment and hobbies I have grown accustomed to in America, I had to envision my self elsewhere to even see this message; as many Christians are taught the path of a preacher is the only one that would need the lessons to be held very closely, and as I placed my self elsewhere I saw that many of the lessons were far more important (necessary) and far more useful then anything I have learned and any help I could give based on what I have learned and how to relate to others through common or secular way’s viewed as a possible lure or connection.

There is a view point that we can get immediately better that our perfect churches and our perfect opportunity to come together as religious individuals and people who love God can easily be obtained without money.

That we can come together as a community and stay together without the churches being our only outlet for how we bring god to the neighborhoods and how we bring religion into people’s life’s…

The end for me is that the churches are calling us back, to bring us back into the church to remember why it is holy, and the same things we want can be done at the same time.

We should never let the devil weaken us by fearing the next step, by getting weak when we can take one more step with God knowing that the rest will (can be) be beautiful.

Hate for the world is never hate that can be associated to the world god wants for us (ask God why he hasn’t changed the world yet, it is in our history, it is in Man’s sins and it is in God’s fight to bring them towards him instead of them forcing him to come to them again (Christ on earth)

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