What is an Idol?

I do not have the exact scripture ready to link to the sermon i would deliver.
But the idea would be to focus less on past influences in what was allowable. In past updates i have included the idea that what we see as allowed in our society, is not necessarily what should be kept in our future as allowed within ourselves.

Idols in the world can be formed in so many way’s that we should focus on our ideas on religion and not personal philosophies in order to conquer any evil (abominable actions…seek the old testament for references) or sin headed our direction.

Christ is alive in heaven, he is there for you, and whenever you need him he is always available in the new testament, do not ever let someone take scripture away from your life, prayer can bring them into your life truly as you need them, and when you read, it can become alot easier to understand.

Never stop asking God for what you need, he is always there and he has always known who you are.

If you are having problems with idols in your life in any way, know that i have dealt with it too in my past.

My past idols(unfortunately):
1. My self in many forms in the future
2. Who god can be in other religions that did not rely on the old testament in their formation as a culture.
3. The woman who could also be loved by me in my life, outside of the woman i have loved.

Please understand that it is not something to fear if it happens in your life, know that it is easily avoided by truly getting to know who a person is. What you are idolizing is not necessarily what exist in the real world.

Go as far as you can.

A want is not as important as a need and adding any action towards your wants can ruin what you need in life. Never forget what is most important for you, God Designed you as a human for a reason, we are perfect as is…Do not forget this message is and always will be available to you in many ways through many preachers, rabbi’s and priest and from many people who are within the church and synagogue.

Guidance in scripture:
Genesis 1 – 5

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