Very Important Message – December 10th, 2010

I wanted to make sure that everyone remembers that if they have ever dealt with a want to find out if The Secret is real in their life, just remember that Jewish men and woman have been receiving from God through prayer for a very long time now, what The Secret is saying is nothing new, and as scripture states Christ shall be able to provide many thing’s for you, through your prayers, and his prayers/petitions for you.

The bible say’s “I can do all thing’s through Christ who strengthens me…”

That means all of your needs are met before any want’s arrive, that any path you take in your life can become a great journey from what you had planned, or even the upgrade God can give you if there is one that exist beyond your current dreams.

Don’t forget that when she’s teaching you to want, it is truly teaching you lust, the creation of obtainable Idols(even goals as idols) in your mind as you wait for their arrival, know and trust that God has more for you all the time, and don’t forget to appreciate the current life God has provided for you, and cherish truly what we have come from in our past, and the blessing’s that surround us, from running water for showers, to the abundance of trusted Organic/Kosher food.

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