A take on Jail in Revelations…a trial and judgement caused by men not the devil’s power…

Here is an unfortunately quick update from the comfort in prayer book I am writing, the chapter is about how the devil is seen in many different metaphors and in many different way’s (even more so in the red letters of Revelations), as his power comes to earth from hell, and God is forced to protect many people even those without religion or true knowledge of who he is. Most of the information I have acquired is from people i have talked to in life, so please let me know if you have more to add.

In regards to the devil trying and judging, it could be caused by the sins of men and no hellish power involved, as their sin’s continue on earth because of what the devil has already done in the past fully blamed on the devil as the cause, but they are still men thinking up what we would call sins that they still want to commit later (because it is difficult for some to see a perfect life with Christ as their savior, showing them that sin is deadly to their soul and the best life to live, revolves around sharpening the mind and body to deny the want to sin due to other sinners, there is always a better way, lying or killing first without seeking another non sinful option, is the worst choice a person can make)

The sins they want to commit later can often be the cause of the Trying and Judging of the world and others in their mind’s and living according to their judgment, this is the essence of paranoia to me as they would not know the real answer until their suspicions left their minds, and it can go deeper as their suspicions become conversations with any one they have previously judged, which are just way’s of further trying and judging and no real want to accept the reality that could be real, the reality that could be true, or the one that can exist.

These people are often just without proper lesson’s in life, if they are trying and judging and living in sin. If you can, please remember to keep a kind heart and see the men as God would, as those with souls who deserve to be taught better. Perhaps the jail the devil might have started sending us now is through his actions in the past and perhaps God is putting bars around your enemies, that you would save by inviting them to read the holy bible and meet God’s Son. They may even become weapons you would destroy and places you can no longer reach out to, a jail in the form of information known about someone when you didn’t really want it or didn’t see it as a problem when it was first encountered.

The person God has taken out of your life, can always be prayed for, but be weary and learn about them so that the next person that comes around doesn’t do the same thing and force god to intervene with 10 days of them not coming back into your life to try and judge, I am not sure exactly what a ten day jail is though, this is all a possible version of what God has said in Revelations. I would suggest that you have patience with God and truly see it within our past from the day Jesus Christ gave the message to John the baptist to write…

If there is anything you would like to add or anything i should improve on please contact me

Thank You for reading,
Jonathan Pierson

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