Something that i have learned, i hope it helps you too.

Please help me make sure that people know to stay as sinless as possible, a non Christian/Jewish American lifestyle passed on as a social standard to adhere to or enjoy, it is never something to keep and shouldn’t be provided to anyone to grow up with. Christ is providing the best life for you on earth not laws and rules made by men….follow god as closely as you can, perfection in God’s eyes is a beautiful life and what Christ truly wants for you. I pray that you can leave the past lessons on secular enjoyment (the many easy pleasures taught by many cultures and nations) and really enjoy what eternal life in heaven really means (don’t fear temptation or the urges/wants of the flesh(often seen as just the secular mind); Don’t forget to seek out your favorite church or any church we are partnered with at….In the old testament the reading can be difficult at first, especially if your just starting out, it is always a good idea to get help reading from someone who has understood already, although God can always help out if you pray for answers and there is no one to help you. The New Testament can be hard to easily understand, in many way’s the difficulty in reading almost proves that he is the son of God. Don’t forget to reach out to our partners or any Jewish Synagogue (They can handle any Old testament questions, I have not spoken to a rabbi about how they deal with thing’s in the New Testament, but I doubt they would want to go beyond Micah until Christ has returned to earth.)
Please help me to improve anything you think may need correction (emails are always welcome, my personal email is, comments questions and new insight are always welcome I’m not the type of guy who would ever think i have learned everything i need to at 24, I’m always trying to improve my self, thank you for reading.

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