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Beware of evil, especially in the form of the immature man

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Waiting for a good reason to leave sin? It’s been available…

This topic is a tough one for me as i still find some thing’s confusing. I would only stress like i have before to not focus too much on time frames, but on the word of God, on the messages Christ has left for you in the red letters.

IF YOU HAVE NEVER HAD A BIBLE BEFORE IN YOUR LIFE please let us know, we will try and get one for you at no cost.

We would suggest that you stop using slang unless it really means something to you personally, it isn’t the best way to communicate.
I’d dub it as spending the time creating your own language, which is inferior to other languages, especially Spanish or Hebrew or even Greek.

Our worst fear is that you learn to disrespect the languages used by those you have no respect for.
Gaining a lesson on why to respect and honor god is not a treasure hidden but a key focus of all of Judaism and Christianity.

Example 1:
Stop saying beast and other reverse slang,….
In revelations a beast refers to evil itself on earth, it’d be like celebrating being slave owners.

It is a big suggestion to search out what a beast is in revelations,

I would not be able to offer you a proper time line for where we are exactly.
Christ is the Lamb of God in revelations
I do not know for certain, If the earth quakes after his death on the cross and also man’s changed view of earth, can be linked to what is in revelations as the seals being opened (rev. 12).

Preview of next chapter:

The atheist even have a religion, technically, it is made up of their excuses for why they have no faith.
If your struggling due to, too many reasons made up in order to not have faith in God, remember that just a very small amount of faith in God, is all that’s necessary to begin working together with him, instead of tempting some away from having faith.

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