Unique potential in the common man

As people grow in society and our population grows larger and larger, there will become an inevitable increase in the potential of the common man, everyone will have the ability to reach amazing heights and goals.

That is why i believe simply changing the content we absorb will eventually lead to a better life for our individual self and our community.

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In America due to freedom of speech there is an unusual view of acceptable or normal consumption of content based on violent or _evil/sinful__ material. Accepting this material in your life continuously as normal leads to desensitization, which create’s a lack of true emotional response to the tragedies and problems that occur throughout the world.’

eventually many might accept tragedy and pain as normal, as something that exist universally, this however is false and will never lead to a realization of who you truly can be in this world, instead it lowers your abilities and actual value to those around you.

If it is just due to what you surround your self with through entertainment then remember to put greater value in what you watch, and be more aware of the effects it can have on you.

If it is due to environment you were born in or forced into, remember to somehow find a way to appreciate what you do have and what has been given, although it is a walk similar to that of the Jewish people moving from Egypt, you must learn to appreciate that which god does give you, the rare love he has given you in his son. Although you wont be able to turn off the news feed found in each day, as tragedy may or may not grow. By at least leaning on god and keeping optimism for what the future can bring, you can escape the pain of desensitization, and the way many have forced themselves to go numb to what real pain, & real horror is.
Living in a hell on earth metaphorically and almost physically (as many people have a mouth, the same as the devils, and their actions are one with what his would be), this all means your trip to heaven is only that much easier, there are many blessings God has for you when your able to walk without fear of your violent or _sinful_ surroundings.

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