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Unique potential in the common man

As people grow in society and our population grows larger and larger, there will become an inevitable increase in the potential of the common man, everyone will have the ability to reach amazing heights and goals.

That is why i believe simply changing the content we absorb will eventually lead to a better life for our individual self and our community.

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In America due to freedom of speech there is an unusual view of acceptable or normal consumption of content based on violent or _evil/sinful__ material. Accepting this material in your life continuously as normal leads to desensitization, which create’s a lack of true emotional response to the tragedies and problems that occur throughout the world.’

eventually many might accept tragedy and pain as normal, as something that exist universally, this however is false and will never lead to a realization of who you truly can be in this world, instead it lowers your abilities and actual value to those around you.

If it is just due to what you surround your self with through entertainment then remember to put greater value in what you watch, and be more aware of the effects it can have on you.

If it is due to environment you were born in or forced into, remember to somehow find a way to appreciate what you do have and what has been given, although it is a walk similar to that of the Jewish people moving from Egypt, you must learn to appreciate that which god does give you, the rare love he has given you in his son. Although you wont be able to turn off the news feed found in each day, as tragedy may or may not grow. By at least leaning on god and keeping optimism for what the future can bring, you can escape the pain of desensitization, and the way many have forced themselves to go numb to what real pain, & real horror is.
Living in a hell on earth metaphorically and almost physically (as many people have a mouth, the same as the devils, and their actions are one with what his would be), this all means your trip to heaven is only that much easier, there are many blessings God has for you when your able to walk without fear of your violent or _sinful_ surroundings.


The end of “the secret”/ and how Christ can destroy Jezebellian way’s

There is a true lesson to be learned from secular teaching’s like “the secret” and it is that by following their teachings you are wandering from heaven and what has already been provided for you in the old testament(for example: WHO GOD IS), and given to you abundantly in the new testament(for example: HOW MUCH GOD LOVES YOU), The word’s found in this movie have no basis in God’s actual word, the promises must come from god if they are to have any power in this world.

DETESTABLE features of their religion:

-The New Thought book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, the source of Rhonda Byrne’s inspiration for the film THIS IS HER BASIS for the entire system not the holy bible. I have been led by many preachers to the TRUE POWER IN PRAYER, and it was sitting in the Holy Bible the whole time, why did she miss it if it was her search?

– For example the idea of there being law’s of attraction existing in GOD’s WORLD: feelings and thoughts will never attract events on their own, without god, and god works with your prayers not random thoughts sent from your head, Adding these positive thoughts or feelings on top of your prayer isn’t going to make your prayer’s come faster, THOSE ARE WISHES, AND god is not in a LAMP to be exploited at the whim of a human being. He awaits for you to live on your path in purpose, where your thoughts and feelings naturaly gravitate to what he has planned for you, what he has been longing to bring you, eternal life and so much more.

By following man instead of God’s word, you are starting on an inevitable trip where only failure shall arise, were as god will prepare you to hurdle any mistakes or accident, while man has only prepared you for his own.

Their lesson of “ask, believe, receive” is strange, as they do not connect anything they say to the God of Israel, to the god that loved the world so much he gave his only begotten son……

since when can you just ask god something without addressing him properly?

Since when does belief in your future bringings, guarentee anything in a world based on free will

where your effort along with god’s grace and abilities are what bring forth true blessings….

– The film includes interviews of individuals described as professionals and authors in the fields of quantum physics, psychology, metaphysics, coaching, theology, philosophy, finance, feng shui, medicine, and personal development, who are referred to as “secret teachers.

NONE of the teacher’s or mentor’s in this program seem to have any relationship professionaly with the GOD of israel, the God of the old testament, WHO EXACTLY are they trying to receive from if they refuse to USE our KNOWN history as part of where and how to receive.
THROUGH prayer God is able to touch us……..

The URG Book is about finding a true path in life through god, and accessing the power of true prayer in your life.

with belief in Christ a simple equation always exist.

Prayer + effort = success

I ask you now to please read Philippians 4:13, if you do not have a bible please contact us, it lets us know that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.  One of the greatest way’s he provides you strength is through the power of your prayer’s now that you can truly believe in a heaven, now that you know Jesus is there listening and asking his father for your prayers to be true in the world also.

If you can’t put a little bit of faith in God, fear not, God is always patient with those who are still learning (children or those who haven’t had the Holy Bible in their lives yet). He is most angry with those who continue to make mistakes when they have already learned, or been taught.

Lesson’s on how to pray

Psalm 66:18

If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.

NEVER forget this important part of prayer and preparing yourself to be seen or heard by the LORD God.

Always try to pray with joy(optimism) and belief in god’s love and power.

And to end

Please do not forget the power of forgiveness and HOW your prayers, not just your thoughts will cure your sickness in sin, and bring you new ready to knock on the door of God’s kingdom.

PLEASE CONTACT US with any questions, conversation’s on the topic, or if you need to speak to a preacher or pastor for more information or for whatever personal reasons may exist.  Contact our Help line, 24/7 at

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