Is it revelations?

This site was started because i had trouble figuring out who the lamb of god was in revelations.  It led me on a journey of research that has given me an over abundant amount of wealth and blessings.  I want to share with you what I’ve learned and answer any questions that might arise through our new relationship.

JESUS is in your history as the man who performed those miracles and the man who died on the cross THERE SHOULD BE no arguments but if there is any reason for argument in you over that

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aim: callmejoenathan

Chapter 1

Escaping my confusion: A journey of exploration and research

After a brief search i found that according to the bible the day Jesus Christ died was the day revelations began as the seals could then be opened.  He is  referred to as the lamb of god in the bible.

John 1:29 is a key example of how Christ’s sacrifice is remembered as a lamb directly from god’s treasure, a way to eternal life is present now as he removes the sin from our world, truly removing the necessity of it to ever continue prosperously, as people no longer want to experiment with or live in SIN.

John 1:29 :

“…John seeth jesus coming unto him, and saith, behold the LAmb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.”

It was after i found this out that i decided to dedicate a large majority of my time researching and discovering the true nature of revelations, NEVER has anyone told me that revelations had already started AT jesus christ death on the cross.  THIS opened up my mind as to where we truly are in god’s eye’s and the seriousness of the mistakes and evil done by man kind.


Chapter 2

Going back to my first love (my love for god)

There is no time frame i can find for you but worrying about were we are now is not necessarily always the right answer.

Finding out who jesus christ can be in your life is the most important step.  Wondering about what could be without proper facts backing them up can lead to distress.

Understanding where we are would require god’s help, we must wait till Jesus Christ come’s back and the prophecy of him on mount zion with those who are Virgin’s.

I’ve found far too many site’s talking about the end of the world, yet all of them have different version’s of what will happen or what is going on. Scholars can tell you it will be Muslim’s forming together in jihad, with every muslim nation giving its power to the same cause and agenda. But they would only be telling you this through research available, and not everything that is capable of happening, hitler and many world leaders who still exist today are just as capable of holding the role of anti christian nations. The muslim future as anti christian nation’s, seem’s highly unlikely to me, but it also look’s like the only possible way it could happen any time soon. This possibilty is cited through a loose connection between muslim traiditions and customs revolving around the cleanliness and sinfulness of their right hand somehow helping to guarentee a trip to god’s heaven, and that they must pray a certain way or they will not reach god, instead of looking at prayer and sinfulness as ways to show god your love for him and to receive due to god’s love, these custom’s form a sort of control over what god will give. This is just a simple association to the babylonians belief that the knowledge of a few numbers could somehow control the God’s they believed to exist.

I find it more important to realize Jesus Christ power in your life, He is the son of god, and through him many people have found the answer’s they seek, if your missing him, why haven’t you tried yet?

I’d say that God’s gift’s and blessings for you are harder to reach without keeping Jesus Christ as your lord and as your savior.

I like to bring this as the introduction because i do not know if every reader is christian or if every reader as a christian know’s about how powerful God can be in your life with Jesus Christ.

If you can make him your Lord it means you are going to be guided by his will, and as your savior his words will forever take you from harms way.

Chapter 3

Searching hard for answers and Leaving the social norm along the way

The basis of all religion stems from judaism, It is the first covenant, a covenant is a distinct relationship between you and god, formed on the belief that God knows what is best for you, and that his law’s will shape you into a better human being, NOT JUST a path to heaven that must be followed, and adhered to. But they will be followed because it make’s a better you. It is acceptable for you to make mistakes as you grow to include every part of the covenant into your life , and consider it a normal thing, nobody is perfect but do not let yourself fall to the social norm as you can grow to be weakend and become satisfied just being better then others. Keep your level of esteem high, do not ever judge yourself based on how successful others are (Jealousy), or how poor others are (Superiority complex is Pride), the law’s from God will shape you and create a personal journey, that will put you together with the living god and his son.

The main reason im making this is because I feel as though people may grow confused by revelations as they first get involved with the bible. There are probably a lot of reasons why someone might turn to that book before finishing other readings in more important areas such as psalms or Job.

Some also may believe that jesus christ is almost about to arrive on Mount Zion. There is nothing definite as far as time frame, but know that Thessalonian has been read in two ways. One way is literal where you will know Jesus Christ through your first meeting with him as God’s son truly coming to help remove sin from entering your life, especially through the unfathomable gift of forgiveness when repenting.

For some the realization of his love can be a metaphorical opening of the skies as you now know you have God’s word in the palm of your hand, Gods very words, if you need proof it is through his son, if you need proof it is in exodus(there is no way the israeli’s would have even survived without god on that trip, its scientifically impossible, and the story within the bible SHOWS how much god love’s us. And how the commandments were carefully picked out to help make the world better, and to protect against trying times and to help build strength and many other important social aspects.

I would ask you to open your bible or go to this link to read the following passages.

John 3:1 to 3:36

(The key part to take away from this is the everlasting life Christ has provided for you in even a simple amount of belief in him, Knowing he is there caring about you because of his love for you, should make it so your trip to heaven is simple; as sin is now a deterrent to your TRUE trip to HEAVEN not some maybe or might, words are true and you will have the ability to go to heaven, now that you know he is real .  JESUS is in your history, if there is any argument in you for that please email me at

Also note that the water in John 3:5 refers to baptism

Also please read:

Thessalonians 4:14 – 4:18

If you must stretch your faith to believe these words please do, even a little faith can go a long way when working with the TRUE and LIVING GOD.

Chapter 4

Meeting Jesus through the word of god and in the end of time’s

There are two readings in the passage,  a Metaphor about what it is really like getting saved by christ and a Realistic portrayal of how those words will change as Jesus Christ comes back.

Thess 17

says that your faith shall grow into true belief, and as YOU shall see GOD IS IN THE AIR in heaven not with your eye’s but with your faith,

and us Christians and Jewish people shall also see the wonder of god in heaven, as gods word manifest, and as Jesus Christ true blessing of eternal life is seen in heaven.

These words can be used to describe the beauty of seeing someone get saved.

Paul writes about the indescribable feeling of being able to rest on jesus christ words, now that your saved, to know them as real and use his love for you as comfort, preparing you to be ready for the holy spirit, and a gift that is beyond comprehension just like his love.

as your able to release and let go of all your problems questions and even better, your need for any sin at all, you can rely on god for all of your problems, your prayer can move mountains in a metaphor of how much you can accomplish in your own movements; which can create just as much impact to god.

These movements include spreading the word of god, and helping out those in need.

Q and A for URG (uncommon religious group)

The following are Question’s i have come across I would beg you to submit more through the comment section or here at my email :

Please submit any questions about revelations to be answered or discussed,

for now this section will grow as we grow together, and I know of any needs that you may have.

I will never say I am 100% correct, I will only say I have studied, researched and this is the best I have found. I would love for you to add to my research as I never know what I may have missed.

Question 1:

Who is the Jezebel in revelations?

The jezebel in the bible among other things means to stop pondering and use reason and fact’s given by god to make your judgement. Trust in the word of the godly as they can give you an answer from reason and wisdom, versus searching the entire world for every possible answer to a given problem. This means you need to read your bible, or pray to god, god can deliver you an answer for any question you have. He is also talking about dumb practices like voodoo, wiken cults, and psychic tarot card non sense. Putting together randomness and making sense of it through symbols is never a good thing, worshiping coincidence as miracles will never be a good thing. Jesus christ is really asking you why you would suffer from the pain that comes from a search without god providing the answers.

Once again, god can provide answers from the Holy Bible, men of god who have researched already,

or however god is able to reveal things to you from your prayers.

I believe god is saying that you should not play with the things that can cause you to miss out on heaven by losing out on who you are. Playing with the constelations/tarot cards as a true way to discover any future or descriptions of gods world, means you didn’t ask god what he thought of that, you didn’t ask god if it were true, or why would he create it. Seeking answers from the randomness in the world will never be a good idea, when you can seek a man of god who has studied well, for he can help guide you through your questions better then seeking out someone other then God, or the reason gained from god.

YOU must humble yourself in ablity to imagine and put belief into the GOD from the old testament, i know there is an infinite power in him, and he can be virtually anything, but he specifically painted the portrait he wanted you to see him as, From exodus to Revelations God is always showing you who he is, and not what he can be.

God is sinless

God made us in his image so he is also very gracious

God spent time to come up with law’s for israel, not just to be worshiped alone by them but because he knew the best possible life they could live, and a life of sin is never the best.

There is so much more you can add to How god truly looks and how he would respond to a jezebels attempts to disuage you with things that cannot be real, and will never seem real when you ask God or look at it from the perspective god might have.

Question 2

Who is the Lamb of God?

I believe he is Jesus Christ, the second he died it was described what happened in heaven.

Question 3

Who and what is the Beast?

Who is the beast?

The only way to tell who the beast is is to be the beast that is why it uses an image of representation to show the world who it is. I believe its called that due to the way its government reacts via instinct instead of reason or deep thought.

WHAT is the beast?

That is a look up I want you to do through the book of daniel

The passage starts at Daniel 7:1, Here’s the link to a bible online

please read for yourself exactly how it is broken down, as that is the best way to start, I wouldn’t want my words to devalue what you might be able to come up with from actually reading. It yourself.

BUT PLEASE contact our group after you are done, to post your response to the reading, or if you have any further questions about the beast in revelations.

Question 4

What is the 666 and what does it stand for?

It was created in babylon, used by everyone as they wore the number on themselves daily, They believed this number would have control over the 36 gods that worshiped and believed to exist.

The fact that this is this mans number makes me believe he want to control god somehow, even if not associated to the number, he believes there is a power available that god would create that would allow him to somehow control god through law’s or rules that cannot be broken.

That’s my hypothesis for how it could be used, but it can also take many other forms, as the kingdom tries to run from hell but not towards heaven or the path brought forth by god’s SON.

Question 5

What do they mean by jew’s in the synagouge of satan?

I am not totally sure, but I believe this is any jewish man who lives a sinful life. Those that say they are jewish and love god, yet do not change their ways unto his will.

Question 6

What do the lines from revelations 14-16 represent?

Verse 14 is a story you should look up yourself, balaam is a rich man who paid balac to try and curse the israeli’s, but nothing he did would turn into anything but a blessing.

Verse 15 talks about the nicolaitans and their bizzare relationship with each other. As the rabbi’s enjoyed praise and weakness in their follower’s, as the people would only use them to try and connect with god.. I think you should look this up for yourself also, to gain more personal understanding.

Verse 16 talks about how as you read your bible, jesus christ voice will come from those pages to protect you and to fight for you. His words from the past are like a voice in the present as powerful as if he was there. It also means that Jesus christ will speak to them from heaven, as times get harder and we are faced with larger and larger enemies. You do not have to be scared, or grow weary, lean on him if you have not repented or were unable too.

Question 7

How do I repent?

  1. Step 1

    Before you can be forgiven for you sins, you must first acknowledge what you did was wrong and feel sorrow.

  2. Step 2

    Next, you must confess your sins to God through prayer and by asking for forgiveness. If you have committed a major transgression, you should visit with your bishop immediately. If you are unsure or in doubt, as always,  with your bishop.

  3. Step 3

    Refrain from re-visiting the same actions that led you to sin in the first place and don’t dwell on what’s been done. Try to move forward.

  4. Step 4

    If you have harmed someone or something, that may require additional steps of forgiveness or making that end right.

I have a 24/7 help line, via the website

for you to be able to call in if you have any questions, You’ll be able to talk to live preachers from around the world. Who can have a conversation about any topic you need. Talk about problems your having as a christian in your specific environment, that we may not even have thought had a need for concern. There is no limit to how you can use Help met to stay safe in this world

calls are free, but we do ask for you to do us a favor once a week, or month and thats visit one of our sponsor’s to make sure that we can stay running the way we’ enjoy and thats at no cost to the you.

In closing: Another Lesson I have learned

You cant hold onto everyone like children, evil is a large enemy so do not treat it like it isn’t, Do not play around with things considered evil or related to evil such as sin. He called them deadly sins for a reason because even the slightest instance of one of them can make things harder in your life, as they are deadly to your soul, weakening your true self and the purpose god has for you.

Be weary of how it can deceive manipulate, and control even the ones you hold dear, even the one’s you’ve taught lessons too for years, remember to not take for granted any PEACE you have received in this world. Peace is a blessing brought to us by jesus christ, imagine a world without jesus christ were the same wars some blame on religion would have been even worst as seen with those same men and woman without religion.

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